Saturday, February 02, 2008

...and the Daddy Tomato says:


Two swaps:

Pink & Lime, and Hearts

Cute lil' pincushions!
I'm getting better at these! They go together quickly, I love making 'em! These were made from two 3 3/8in squares (each) of wool felt, hand-sewn with 3 strands of embroidery floss. I still have a way to go on my blanketstitch. Especially starting a new length of thread in the middle of a project =X
These are both on their way to their new homes ^_^

A whole mess of ATCs:

They click through to the larger images in my Flickr set, where there are also closer-upper shots of some of these cards.
You know, I have a mild hatred of Hello Kitty (check it: Goodbye Kitty)...but the Sanrio-themed card I made was refreshing! I rarely work with pastels; I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed working with shiny happy colors ;)

My son has been doing extremely well in school the past two weeks! We're taking him to the arcade tomorrow to celebrate =]

My daughter hasn't been feeling well. She was up at midnight barfing...and it was bad barf, like...she had corndogs for dinner =X Ewwwwwwwwwww.

My husband has started his first batch of wine! I requested apricot wine, and he obliged. I'm taking pictures, and will be making a blog to document his booze habit hobby ;) I'll be back with a link soon!

I have to work today. It's the first day of the drink price increases, so it should be a pain in the ass interesting! Oh, but....I got a raise two weeks ago, so the paycheck I'm picking up today should be a lil' fatter ^_^

I've started drinking coffee in the mornings again. We do not have a coffee pot; we have a stovetop espresso maker. It's nice to be a little closer to human in the mornings, lol ;)

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