Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Carver McCarvington

First, a gift, from my wonderful husband =]

After we spent the weekend dragging the kids around in the pouring rain, looking for this carving block, he just happened to stumble upon it in a shop next door to the brewing shop he frequents. He surprised me at work with the Mastercarve the Speedball linocutter, and a set of blades (they store inside the handle!).

I haven't yet cut into the Mastercarve.

I have, however, cut into these Alvin Jumbo White Vinyl erasers. I have carved a few things from these; they work very well, are much larger than the Staedtler Mars erasers I had been using.

Birdy: The outline is carved into one side of the eraser, the "filling" is carved into the other side of the eraser. I don't actually intend to use them together. Sometimes I just want an outline, sometimes I want a filled shape.

Castle: I had drawn this several weeks ago, and am so pleased that I found an eraser large enough to carve it up =]

Finally, for a couple non-Carver McCarvington related things:

Marble Kitty...he's called that because I used marbles to weigh down his bottom X]

Bright Flight ATC. I finally had a good reason to use my Prismacolor colorless blender pencil ;) This is all hand drawn and colored with my Prismacolor pencils. I love using them, but my drawing inspiration has been limited lately *sigh*

I've got to make something for a swap....A handmade gift for my partner. My partner is a quilter. What can I hand-make for a quilter that she doesn't already have? =X I'm thinking I might make another Marble Kitty. Quilters like kitties, right? Geeze, you'd think I wouldn't have such a hard time with this, considering who my mom is! XD

I've also got 12 more ATCs to finish by 4pm Thursday. I'm not too horribly worried about that, although there are a couple of the themes I am having a hard time with. I'm not a big celeb-follower, so the famous person theme is giving me trouble. Likewise, I do not know what to do for the magazine theme. Should it be an ATC that looks like a magazine, or an ATC utilizing parts of a magazine? =X

Bah, I'll go work on the ones I can finish up today, and spend tomorrow on the tough stuff ;)

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T said...

My chuckle was loud enough (or evil enough) to elicit the attention of Mr. W.

Does your swap partner read your blog? You KNOW that I could come up with some pretty interesting ideas to make...

Congrats on the new tools, BTW. I'm glad you've got your own Mr. W. to do those special things for you.