Monday, November 12, 2007

Trading is such sweet sorrow

I've finished all my ATCs for the Silhouette ATCs Swap. I might have to make another; I have grown quite attached to the birdy one X]

I'm really enjoying these, although I am starting to feel like they aren't realy representing me, and my *usual* art. I think I will have to try painting and drawing some ATCs, and maybe make some out of fabric. I've seen some really neat fabric ATCs =]

We went to the flea market yesterday, and I picked up some awesome, and rather risque, trading cards, that I can use for ATCs. I also got an envelope stuffed with random stationary bits, and stickers =] The flea market was fun; too bad they are closing it down after next weekend! Apparently, the location (the flea market is held at the drive-in theater a couple blocks down from my house) was sold, and the new owners paid an extra $10mil to void the contract held by the flea market people. the flea market people had a contract stating that they could have the flea market there for the next 2 years, but the new owners didn't want that. This makes me wonder if they are also going to shut down the theaters -_-

Today, I am going to go photograph my overwhelming fabric stash, because I have been trading it away! Trading it for Christmas presents for the kids, card and ATC making supplies, and I've even traded some away for some jewelry that I really loved =] So, I'm not really de-stuff-ing, but I'm trading larger stuff for smaller stuff ;) lol

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