Thursday, November 08, 2007

Carebear Stare!

My daughter wanted to be a purple Carebear this year. Great. They don't make purple Carebear costumes, they only make pink Carebear costumes....and she was a pink Carebear for the last 2 years! lol

This is made out of 300wt Malden Mills fleece. It's got a velour finish on the inside, and a sherpa finish on the out. The tummy is lightly stuffed (you shoulda heard her at the Halloween party at school: "Go ahead, punch my stomach!" ;)

Anyway, she loved it, she was warm, all is good =]

It's been a week, and the costume is no longer purple. It is some sort of greenish brown color now. Of course, she's only taken it off to go to school...I suppose it does look like comfy pjs O_o

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