Thursday, November 08, 2007

Like a Virgin

I bit the bullet, and dove into my very first ATC today! ^_^


I'm quite pleased with it. I am seriously lacking any kind of gold in any part of my art/craft stash (I'd always found that admirable up 'till now). I think this ATC needs some accents with a gold gel pen. But I don't have one. Oh well. It's still awesome! The clicky pic up there will take you to more of a description on how I made it.

I've been very slowly collecting paper crafts stuffs; mostly from Goodwill (soooo many cards, and papers, and vintage ads, etc). I have a basket on my desk for papercrafting supplies, and I intend to keep it to that basket.

We all know how far my intentions get me.


Cotton Picker said...

Congratulations on your first effort. You should be pleased. It looks great. I also made my very first ATC today. One down, three more to go for a swap I'm participating in on Swap-Bot.

Anam said...

WOW! First ATC attempt? It's beautiful....really, really well done!

T said...

The ATC looks great! Veddy clever how it all came together (yes, I clicked big and read the details).

No shame in not owning anything that will make gold... you come by it honestly (check the DNA strand...)

Sarah and Jon said...

Lovely ATC! I just love the rug patterns in the background!