Thursday, October 11, 2007

Swappin' tha deck, ARRR!

Oh my. I signed up for Swap-bot last night.

-help meeeeeeeeee-
Some "notes to self":
* I will not join more than 2 swaps at a time.
* I will only join 1 international swap at a time.
* I will only join one quick swap (send-out date less than 2wks away) at a time.
* I will not zallow the dollar total of any and all swaps I am in climb above $30.
* I will not join swaps when their send-out date is towards the end of a pay period.
* I will remember that there is a post office 2 blocks down Soquel, instead of forgetting, and going to the p.o. way out in Capitola.

So, the first swaps I have joined are a Red Ribbon swap, for AIDS Awareness Day (Dec. 1). I will have two partners in that one, and will be making something red ribbon and wearable. If my partner happens to be in the U.S. (it's an international swap), I will most likely send out a yellow ribbon, as well. I'm all about encouraging people to support the troops. All anyone hears about these days are anti-war, anti-military, anti-government....I don't think anyone realizes the effect even a simple yellow ribbon has on us. It's enough to make our whole DAY. Anyway....that's an entirely different post.

Secondly, I joined a Newbie Swap, to get my rating up, so I can join the swaps I realy *want* to join ;) I'm excited about the Newbie Swap! I'll only get one partner, but something about getting to know them covertly, and making up a package tailored to someone else...Idk, this just sounds like *FUN* =]

In other news...

I've decided the layette set will have a gardening theme. Hubby voted for bunny theme, I vetoed. Baby's parents are gardeners, and I doodled out some cute little sweet peas and punkins...I'm having visions of making a whole army of toys and blankets now!

I won't.

But maybe I can convince the children to be sweet peas and punkins for Halloween X] LOL!

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