Monday, October 15, 2007


I finally tried 'em, and I love 'em! X] I can never have enough magnets, yanno....I wanted to make them for a swap partner that mentioned she collects fridge magnets. I used a moon picture I found in a vitamin catalog to try it out, and it was easy, and quick =] So, now I have a lovely set of magnets to send out, and I am feeling great about the package I have made up for her =]

(the tutorial part is for a friend of mine)

I'm having a hard time finding the plastic for what I want to do to my pins, so I might have to hold off on that for a while. The kids finally settled on what they want to be for Halloween (a ninja, and a purple Carebear), so I can get started on that. I bought a pair of scallop-edge scissors today, hoping they would work on felt, for my Dinkys. They don't. But, I also bought an assortment of cardstock and specialty papers to make Christmas cards, so I'm sure the scissors will come in handy.

Oh, and I found an AWESOME art supply store downtown today! I must have walked past it a hundred times before finding it. I picked up some clearanced vellum, and a squishy art eraser (the kind that is like clay...been needing one of those). And I got Hubby a nifty little hopping bug toy for his desk at work. he was using it to launch things across the office last I heard form him ;)


Anam said...

I don't know if you already sent out the magnets but a cute way of packaging them is in a decorated tin (Altoids). It's kinda cute how they, being magnets afterall, "stick" to the inside of the tin so nicely.

Chelsea said...

Good words.