Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October, a time for change

OK, not really...but how about trying something new? I think I'll start making a list of my crafty goals every month, so I can see just how productive I am not being, heh ;)

OK October!

* Finish quilting flannel baby quilt.

* Bind and finish flannel baby quilt.

* Bind and finish country flag quilt.

* Angel Dinky

* Soldier Dinky

* Lyndsay Dinky

* Rhy Dinky

* Halloween costumes:
-ninja for Hero
-purple Carebear for The General

* Complete brown & pink pincusion

* DIYShrinky my yellow pins

* Two Red Ribbon Pins

* Layette set for baby Carmen:
* hat
* booties
* mittens
* recieving blanket
* warm blanket
* picture frame
* softie
(I'm thinking a bunny theme for all this...bunnies are easy, and pretty classic-baby, right? Or maybe a cat....cats are cuter than bunnies, I think...) *EDIT: (I'm thinking giraffe now, because I have a nice soft fleece panel with cute giraffes on it)

Is that too much for one month? I guess we'll see....

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