Monday, January 21, 2008

Hard at work?

Warning: there will likely be a lot of swearing and obscenities in this post.

I love my job. I love the people that come into my bar. It's like one big family.

You know what happens in big families? You get a loser that everyone loves because they have to, but no one can fucking stand for more than 5 minutes. You get the one that thinks they are the glue holding everything together, and is so sensitive, you hear the eggshells cracking before you even get your foot in the door. You have the successful one, who is so damn full of themselves, you have to rent a separate room for their ego.

There is more gossip and drama than I remember having in high school. Everyone hates whoever is not in the room at the moment. Everyone loves whoever is in the room at the moment.

Trust no one.

I don't have a lot of work experience, to be honest. But, really, is it asking that much that we act like, oh....I don't know....ADULTS?! Can we please take responsibility for our actions? Am I the only fucking person on Earth that realizes that it's not always someone else's fault??

Another bartender I work with came in after closing a few days back, and decided to stay after I left, assuring me that she wasn't drinking, and would lock up. OKay, fine. She trained me, she's worked here 5 years, she knows what she's doing. A customer that was on his way home,, but still in the parking lot, warns me that I can't let her stay by herself, and that he was going to call the boss man if I didn't do something about it. WTF? Am I supposed to drag her out of the bar? Alright, whatever, I go back in, and talk to her. I ask her if I could get in trouble for letting her stay, asked if she could get in trouble for being there, etc. She assured me that all was well, that the OTHER bartender that works with us did that all the time, and she even offered to call the boss man herself. I was appeased. After all, she's the one they appointed to train me, right?

So, on the way home, I had to drop off the keys to that Other Bartender. She asked if I locked up, and all, and I told her about the co-worker that stayed behind. It was so minor to me at that point, because I was convinced that there was no problem with it. Other Bartender kinda flips a little, and by this point, I am freaking exhausted. Seriously, I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before, and spent 8 hours running around on my feet. So, Charles and I go out to dinner, and swing by the bar afterwards to see if there are still people there. There are. I called the boss's wife, who I am friends with. She says don't worry, she'll talk to the boss man, and make sure it all gets smoothed over.

Well, this Other Bartender takes it upon herself to tell everyone else over the next few days about the one that stayed late after closing. So, now, my FRIEND, who happens to work with me, is PISSED OFF, thinking I called the boss and ratted her out.


Are you serious? I spent almost two hours trying to convince her that I wasn't tattling, because she had convinced me that she wasn't doing anything wrong. Now I've lost two great friends (her + her boyfriend). I had considered them my best friends in this whole damn city!

I'm so fed up with this job, and it's constant gossip and ass-kissing. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of at every turn, I can't trust ANYONE. Shit, the only reason I got a job was to make some friends, and now I don't even think I have the energy to keep them!

Yeah yeah, I know, if she were a real friend, she wouldn't have put me in that situation. Hell, if she had asked me not to tell anyone, I wouldn't have. I knew she wasn't drinking from the bar, or taking anything. She wasn't drinking at the bar, she wasn't having people over. She was just relaxing, listening to music, because she didn't want to wake her sleeping roommate.

Ugh. I'm sick to my stomach -_-

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