Friday, January 04, 2008

When it rains, it pours

My computer is back in the shop, for the 3rd time in the past 6 months =[ I should get it back around the end of next week.

My husband was kind enough to share the stomach flu with me, so I haven't been sleeping hardly at all the past couple nights. I'm so incredibly nauseated; I'm seriously considering just moving into the bathroom >_<

Then there's the rain.....ah, yes, the rain the wind, the trees falling all over the place. The little trickle of a creek in our backyard is a good 4ft deep now,a nd has somehow created it's own little waterfall. I was supposed to go pick up the kids today, but there are highways closed all over the place, and I'm sick....there's no way I could make it over the hill in one piece ;_; Charles said he may go pick them up later tonight, when he gets off work. Idk, I miss them so much during the week, but I know it wouldn't be fair to expose them to this stomach flu. Charles is still sick; he needs to go fill the prescription his doc gave him two days ago! Hell, idc if he takes the anti-nausea pills, I want them! hehe

Ugh, I'm so scatterbrained =[

This storm is so weird; we're getting 1-2" of rain an HOUR, and winds over 60mph...but there is no lightning or thunder! What a rip-off!

I ordered a pizza, so I can get something in my stomach (maybe it will help settle it?). I hate tipping the pizza delivery guy, because they already tack on a delivery charge of almost $3...but, I might throw an extra buck or two at him today, for driving out in this weather. The website says my pizza was boxed, and placed on teh rack to be delivered over 20mins ago, though; the pizza place is only about half mile away. I hate getting cold pizza ~.^

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