Monday, May 12, 2008

Mary, Mary...

I chose Home Depot for Mother's Day ^_^

I have seeds germinating: anaheim peppers, California poppies, peppermint, some sort of round red tomato, strawberries, chives, zinnias, and lavender.

I got myself a yellow pear tomato plant. Last year, I got tons of fruit, that NEVER ripened! I ended up with two yellow tomatoes, sometime around December? Idk, I blogged it somewhere 'round here. I hope I have better luck this year!

The hydrangea were a gift from one of my customers at the bar. They are the most delicious shade of purple, with bright baby blue centers. Now, I have never really been fond of hydrangea; I'm used to the big bushy bushes, with half-browned blossoms playing home to a horde of icky bugs & spiders. But this little potted plant here, oh, I love this pretty little thing ^_^

My geranium there, that's the king of my patio garden. That plant has had flowers on it EVERY DAY since I brought it home. It bloomed all throughout the winter, the summer, every single freakin' day!

And, finally, my poor little tree...I think its a poplar, but I'm not 100% sure (it says on the tag somewhere...). Charles bought it for me at Christmas time, because I was so sad watching all my other plants die. He went to the nursery, and asked for something that will stay green and grow through the winter. How sweet is that? He even decorated it with Christmas ornaments before he brought it home to me ^_^ Anyway, this little tree is looking so droopy and it's starting to get a little browned at some of the tips =[ My heart is breaking! I had it on top of the t.v., where it only got direct sunlight for an hour or two a day, but it was always bright. I had to move it, because the cats kept knocking it down. I moved it to the kitchen, but it doesn't get much light there. So, now it sits there under the bbq. Not a lot of direct light, and the direct light it gets is first thing in the morning. I also put it in a bigger pot...the roots didn't look too bound up, but I figured it couldn't hurt *shrug*

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