Wednesday, December 05, 2007


OMG, this cold just won't go away! I've fallen behind on 2 of my 1 on 1 swaps =[ I have them packaged & ready to ship, but I've been sleeping like shit, and during the day, just kinda...being. Staring at the walls. Well, not really. I've been making stuff, too, but, yanno, that's just what I do.

These are some of the stamps in my sketchbook that I am carving for December.

The robot faces and heads will all be individual stamps, and I am going to put them together with a nice blank journal, some ink pads, and metallic gel pens for Isaac, for Christmas =]

I'm planning on using the Christmas-y stamps on cards and gift tags.

The skulls are really just for me, but I think I'll make one up for my swap partner in the Skull Love Swap.

I love carving the Staedtler Mars erasers, but how do I get rid of the raised pattern on them??! =X I don't want little swirlies on my penguin -_-

I also need something wider; I wonder if they make different sizes of that eraser?

This blog is so fun, and has incredible patterns, including these two here!
Some bitsy elf clogs, and peppermint stars, made for a 1 on 1 swap (I traded them for a mix CD *full* of awesome Christmas music). These took me about 2-3 hours to make them all, but I took time out for dinner:

Damn, I make some GOOOOOOOOOOOD cheesesteaks!!

For dessert, we had fried plantains, with ginger & cinnamon (sorry Mom, I just love ginger ;) Oh oh! We also had these:

My yellow pear tomatoes! The only two that ripened before the cold weather killed off my plant *sniffle* There are almost 2 dozen baby tomatoes on the plant that are all shriveled up =[

Still, it's the first time I have gotten edible fruit from my garden (and I've been trying for almost 10 years!).

They were delicious =]


Cotton Picker said...

I like your stamps. I want to carve my own stamps too, but haven't a clue where to start. What tool do you use to carve the eraser?

Kyla Nicole said...

I use a plain ole' Xacto knife! I bought a set of woodcarving tools, because I thought that would be easier, but I have had the best luck with the Xacto knife. There's a really helpful tutorial over here: Daydreaming on Paper.

It takes forever at first, but I've carved about 10 small stamps now, and I can cut out simple shapes (such as the skull) in less than an hour now =]

Material made a big difference for me. I tried Pink Pet/Pink Pearl erasers first, and found them waaaaay too hard to carve. Of course, I didn't realize they were too hard to carve, until I went and found some white Staedtler Mars erasers at an office supply store (they are cheaper than the pink things, too!).

Good luck, and if you try it, I want pictures!! =]