Monday, May 12, 2008

It is a success to be one...

Mother's Day cards:

I made these from cardstock, and a little apple stamp I carved myself =]

Pretty lil' ornament:

The makings of an ornament for the Feltbots: Christmas Ornament #2 - Trees swap. I didn't even think to take a pic of the finiisshed ornament =[


I bought some new carving material, Speedball Speedy-Carve. It's pink, and carves very nicely. It's stiffer, so it's not as much like carving butter, but it also doesn't crumble or break as easily as the Mastercarve and the other erasers I've used. I carved these over Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Charles drew the little mushroom, and requested I make it into a stamp. I <3 it so much! ^_^


This is my booty from my recent yard-sale pillaging! RAWR! I spent less than $6 on all this. *love* that pink & green velvent ribbon!!

My 1st center-pull ball:

I finally learned how to wind my yarn into center-pull balls! This is my first one =]


This is about halfway through my manic cleaning & re-organization of my crafting area. I bought the black plastic trays, & the set of small plastic drawers. I needed to make room for my new printer!!

This is when I decided I was done. It's not really DONE, but I'm done messing with it for now. I have to clean up the area around the floor, so that we can put up the shelves we bought at Home Depot (more Mother's Day luvin' for me!). My new printer fits nicely there on the bottom shelf of my desk =]

I think that's it for today (2 blog posts after 10pm!). I can't wait to get these shelves up, and fill them with pretty decoupaged photo boxes, and my ever-growing collection of softies ^_^

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T said...

Oh, where to begin? Your stamps. Definitely your stamps. They are the absolute coolest things that I've seen in a long time. I am SO impressed at how... uh... professional? they look (I was going to say 'real', but that was even dumber than professional).

It's also scary impressive that you have so much stuff stored in your little craft area. It must be a gift or a talent or something.