Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An un-partridge in an un-pear tree! *tutorial!*

Clicky the picture to go to my collage tutorial on Flickr.

My Greatest Tip:

Know when to quit!

I tore up this ATC because I just couldn't stop futzing with it. I'm still pretty happy with it, though. You can see a bit there on the left, where I tried to roughen the edges with my sanding block, and ended up tearing the paper =X I tried to blend it in with some green chalk...I think it worked alright =]

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Steph said...

I've been trying to contact you about getting a softie kitty. Any chances? Emmet turns 5 in September and is still asking.

I saw your mead pics have you tried making Lillet? See my husbands blog SaucissonMAC@blogspot.