Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Absolutely innocent blog title!

I told ya I was working on a gnome project! Here he is, the itty gnome!

The bottom of the little gnome is actually a dark blue, but it photo'd as black. I would grumble about wildfires killing the natural light around here, but I'm just so dang pleased with how this little guy turned out! ^_^ I can see a whole army of itty gnomes in the future ;)

Also, I received an awesome package from Portugal today!

Té té sent this huge package for the hand-carved stamp swap we did at the Carve Your Stamps group on Flickr. I had sent her some carving blocks, because she can't get them where she lives, and she retaliated reciprocated with this fantastic package, filled with handmade envelopes, a little notepad, hand-stamped stickers, and even a coloring set for the kids! Seriously, this woman is so full of win ^_^ Thanks, Té té!!

So, I got the fwoop over the e's...but I can't get it to do it without making a space in the middle of her name! What the deuce! *sigh* I feel so "in the box".


T said...

è is & egrave;
é is & eacute;
(remove the space between the & and the e)

And really, as your mother, I almost didn't read the post titled "Quickie in the evening!"

Sheesh. ;-)

Kyla Nicole said...

I changed it *just for you* =P lol

Seriously, though? No comment on the gnome? I thought you'd love him! I'm still trying to get a feel for this streak of whimsy you have claimed to have. I don't imagine it only extends to frilly aprons (someone might expect you to cook!) LOL ;)

(p.s. thank you! I'm off to go fix her name in my previous post! <3)

T said...


Okay, about the gnome? He kinda looks like a summer Santa. And commenting on your artwork in general (and particularly your stamps) - I think it is ALL incredible, and not just because I'm your mum. I am blown away every time you share a new stamp. Sorry I don't mention it more often.

I guess you won't buy the "speechless" excuse, willya?

T said...

(um, in your source code there IS a space in the middle of Tété)


Felicia said...

Well he's cute as cake!

Kyla Nicole said...

Yeah, my source code has a space, because if I don't put that space in there, I get TéTé. I don't get it *sigh* I've been spoiled, not having to code my own site anymore =X

And thank you =] Everyone told me that it looks like Santa, but with different colors. Oh well, it was for a Christmas ornament swap, anyway ;)