Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Over the river, and through the woods

Okay, so, after sitting here for a WEEK, trying to decide whether or not to post pictures from my family reunion/vacation, I have determined that my mother would kill me. She has no pics of herself popsted on her blog, so I won't post pictures of her on mine either.

They are really neat pictures, though!

So, here are some pics that don't feature my lovely mommy:

And, some artsy fartsy things...because, I mean, really, it's just what I do ;)

A tattoo I am designing with my kids' names, to go on my upper left arm. That largest blossom will sit at the top of mr arm/shoulder. I've left room for another child's name >_>;;

New rubber stamps, carved last night. A Walther p22 (my gun), and a flamingo. I am going to carve another of the flamingo, only keep it a solid image, instead of the outline.


I need to go clean up some before the kids get home. I'm not cleaning EVERYTHING up, tho, because they left a HUGE mess in the living room, and they need to clean it up (damnit)!

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T said...

Your flamingo looks like it's wearing high heels. (seriously cute)

Thank you for protecting my semi-anonymity. You know me, all mysterious and all. ("CUTE? Baby ducks are cute! I want to be exotic and mysterious!" "You are, you are! Exotic, and mysterious, and... cute!") Other than the generation pics, you didn't take any OTHERS of me, did you? :shudder:

You CAN post pictures of some cool quilts you got while on vacation, though...

Heh. This hijacking has been brought to you by the letter "ME". Since it truly IS all about me, I'll close with two words: Doodle Bug