Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Goalies are hot

I've got to finish 2 Snowflake-themed ATCs, and a holiday-themed Dotee Doll today. Also, I will drag my sniffly ass to the post office.

While I'm here (again), I finished that mermaid Dotee Doll:

She's already on her way to her new home =]

In other news, I got in a big fight with my husband on Sunday, and we're still barely talking. He thinks I spend too much money at the craft store. I spend about 10% of our after-bills money at the craft store. Much less than that now, since I started working, actually; I don't use his money to bankroll my hobby anymore. Honestly, I think he's stressed out to his limit, and having issues with the fact that, yeah, I'm working now, but I really love my job. I'm tempted a "neener" here, but that would just be childish x_X

I explained to him last night that I really don't like being in charge of the bills and budget, and that if he would like to do it, he is perfectly welcome to the task; however, if he is going to trust me to take care of the bills and budget, he needs to trust me. I think it was effective; we slept in the same room for the first time last night.

We need to trade in our SUV for something smaller. I really don't want to; I love my car (btw, it's only "my car" when we have to buy gas). We spend 40% of our after-bills money on gasoline ($3.45/gal now). We drive 160mi every weekend to get the kids (round-trip); other than that, we don't really go far.

It's totally worth it, to see my kids whenever I want to, though ^_^

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