Thursday, June 26, 2008

You remind me of the babe

I've been inexplicably tired, and as such, irritable, lately. It's really pissing me off, tbh. I don't like having a short fuse *sigh*

Today, I took the kids to McD's for lunch, after they did all of their daytime chores. We came home, and they did their workbooks (I keep schoolwork around in the summers, so they don't get all dumbified between school years). We made melt & pour soap. Ash choose a heart shaped mold, with purple lemon-scented soap. Isaac picked a rocking fleur de lis mold, with green pear-scented soap. [Pics coming in next post] after making soap, I set them up on the easel with some poster paints.

By the time they were done painting, I was done with the arguing, whining, and constant tattling. I sent them to play in their (newly cleaned) bedroom. They played for about half an hour. And then it happened. The funniest thing I have heard in a loooong time.

Out of the mouths of children:
Isaac: "Oh no! Oh, oh! Help! Omigosh, heeeeeelp!"
Ash: Oh no! What's happening to you?!"
Isaac: "All my parts are falling off! I'm breaking!"
Ash: "Oh no you aren't! I'm the robot repair girl, and no robot has ever lost all it's parts in MY office!"
Isaac: "There goes another one! I'm done for!"
Ash: "Hold on, I think I have an idea!"
Isaac: "But my warranty just expired! I'm falling apart! I'm a goner!"
Ash: "Oh, well, you might as well kiss your own butt."

Made my day, and all the bickering worthwhile ;)

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